Quality/Environment & Innovation

Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles GmbH maintains a management system to ensure quality and environmental protection according to the highest standards.
Quality management is certified by an independent accredited certification body according to DIN EN 9100.
Our corporate policy also incorporates a strong commitment to ensuring total environmental protection, safety and health.

Corporate Policy


All our products are supplied in accordance with the following standards, thus ensuring high product quality and optimal cost efficiency: national standards and re­gulations, including DIN EN standards, as well as internati­onal EN ISO standards; Tech­nical Rules for Pressure Vessels (TRD), Stahl-Eisen Werkstoff­blätter (SEW), AD Code of Practice (Association of Pres­sure Vessel Manufacturers), Vd-TÜV Material Sheets, ASTM (USA) and many more.

In addition, specific tests can be carried out if required:

  • Mechanical tests
  • Corrosion tests
  • Physical tests
  • Non-destructive tests

The material tests can be certified according to DIN EN 10 204.

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Environmental protection is an integral com­ponent of our business strategy, which is geared towards long-term growth. All of our production processes are regularly assessed for their environmental impact and are adjusted appropriate­ly as part of a process of continuous improvement.

Environmental protection for Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles GmbH means:

  • Developing products for longevity
  • Employing materials with a high level of recyclability
  • Continuous improvement of production processes with the aim of achieving the highest possi­ble level of environmental compatibility
  • Preservation of resources
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of environ­mental effects resulting from current and planned activities
  • Application of necessary / practical measures for the continuous reduction of environmental pollution

Our environmental protection system has been updated to meet the requirements of international standard DIN EN 14001 and is applied uniformly in all product areas.

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We are proud of our long heritage in developing new market-leading products in partnership with our customers across all industries. Our expert knowledge of material selection and application enables us to offer a product development process tailored to your specific engineering requirements.
Components for thermal processing plants in particular are required to meet a wide range of structural demands, including a minimum tensile strength requirement, resistance to oxidation, corrosion and abrasive wear.
For such applications, as well as for other applications subject to thermal stress and corrosion, classic boiler grade steel tubing – with its inherent strength in normal atmospheres — is equipped with a coating of highly corrosion resistant austenitic material, resulting in a closely-bonded composite tube whose carbon steel element is capable of withstanding typical thermomechanical demands and whose  austenitic coating provides corrosion resistance.

Further advantages of these composite tubes include:

  • Metallurgical bond
  • Smooth surface
  • No dilution
  • No cast structure
  • High level of endurance strength
  • High level of oxidation resistance
  • Simple processing (welding, forming, etc.)
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