Tailored Solutions

Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles GmbH is focused on manufacturing and supplying special steel products according to our customers’ specifications. In this sense, every single one of our profiles can be considered a customized solution. 

Our modern technology and highly committed production and sales teams afford us a high degree of flexibility in meeting the needs of our customers in nearly every area of application.

Technical possibilities


  • Circumscribing circle for solid and hollow profiles up to 255 mm Ø
  • Inside diameters or diagonals for hollow profiles of at least 20 mm to a maximum of 160 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness: 4 mm


  • Up to c. 16,800 mm (depending on profile cross-section); with sawn ends, (fixed lengths by agreement)

Weight per meter

  • Up to maximum c. 110 kg/m

Cross-Sectional Tolerances/Straightness Tolerances

  • By agreement, depending on the profile cross-section and material grade; reductions possible, e. g. for functional areas, by agreement


  • As extruded; descaled or pickled on request


  • Nearly all quality and stainless steels in the iron and steel list, special steels, non-ferrous heavy metal alloys
  • All required heat treatments are available
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